Caboolture South Units selling

Units in Caboolture Offer a More Affordable Way to Enter the Market

With the portion of income needed to service a mortgage now at 46%, and higher interest rates, almost every home buyer is looking for smaller mortgages. The sales growth of units over the last 12 months in Moreton Bay rose 9.76%, but 19% for Caboolture units, which is indicative of a general move towards the more affordable unit market. 

Compared to Brisbane LGA’s median of $560,000 for units, Caboolture represents reasonable affordability of $340,000 median unit price, although this may be a shock for Caboolture residents who may not be aware of the recent large jump in unit prices.

The sale of units in Caboolture showed a 19% rise in value in 12 months, compared to a still respectable 9% growth in the median value of homes. 

General Affordability

According to an affordability report by CoreLogic, it now takes a new home buyer in Australia an average of 10 years to save a 20% deposit ($148K) for a house at national median values (Sep 2023). Caboolture real estate represents an opportunity to shave this deposit-saving time due to the much lower median house and unit values. 

Growth in Caboolture House and Unit Values 

Caboolture house and unit values to 2024


The graph above shows the stark differences between house prices and unit prices – remembering though that it’s based on medians, which include both luxury apartments and smaller 1 bedder flats in the upper and lower ends.

Houses are at $625,000 median value, based on 449 sales over 12 months. (Data from

Caboolture: Median Price Snapshot

median house sale values caboolture

Data from shows that Units in Caboolture now spend an average of 21 days on the market, quite a short period.

A Quick Look at Caboolture Rental Prices 

For investors, consider that houses in Caboolture generally rent out for $550 per week, and units rent for $390 per week, with a rental yield of 5.6%. Units usually represent a little better yield than houses, although there is strata fees to consider. 

retnal values caboolture


National Shifts in Unit Buying

The gap between the national median house and the median unit value widened from 2020 to 2023. It went from a 7% difference at a low (a decade average) to a high peak of 32% difference between houses and units in 2022, though this has now eased somewhat to around 28% gap.

For this pandemic period, an increased shift to working from home meant a greater desire for space and house prices took off. However, the latest sales trends in Moreton North show that more people are returning to buy units at an entry level price or perhaps down-sizing. Besides the most obvious reason: that nothing else is affordable, this also reflects the normal market cycle where units and townhouses rise after the initial house price escalation. 

Source: ANZ CoreLogic Affordability Report, Nov 23.