Proud to be different

We love a chat but will get to the point. We’ll keep it short and get to the point. Because who wants to talk about everything BUT what the goal is? We’ll be honest, and upfront and will not beat around the bush, the topiary tree or the entire fern house. Obviously, we’ll be sure to make your journey enjoyable while we’re at it!

James and the Current team are continually learning and updating their knowledge bank. This means they’re ready to assist you with rental, purchase, sale and management enquiries. They will keep it simple to enable you to achieve the best result in the situation.

Clarity in an ever-changing world

Does the world feel different since your last move? Current can help clear the air when things feel muddled. Our team stays informed about new legislation, mandates and other factors that may influence renting, purchasing, selling or managing. Remember, our door is always open for a chat!