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A Fresh Perspective on Photography to Sell Your Home

While some might recall the difficulties of photographing your own home before selling, these days it’s all about clear and attractive photos to put the best elements of your property on display on all the portals. Let’s reflect on the journey and current state of real estate photography.

As a real estate agency around since the 1970s, a few of our Current Real Estate agents remember property owners’ reticence to get professional photos. Out they’d come with their cheap film camera, not aware that their dark, lopsided photos were not helping! There weren’t as many uses for them then, and the photos would mainly appear stuck in a real estate window display. Even signboards did not have photos on them. 

It’s a far cry from today’s high visual expectation. This has led to many photography mediums, from drone aerials to 3D virtual walkthroughs at 4K resolution, and the expensive equipment needed for this specialty.

Drone Photography

Drone photography in flight
BT_Real, Pixabay

Some properties have bigger land lots or pools which can be showcased. 

“Whether you have a large block, a high-set home that would benefit from an elevated shot or just want to showcase the local area’s amenities, the drone can provide an instantaneous snapshot of all of these”, states local real estate photographer, Rebecca Skilling of BullsNest Real Estate Photography.

The drone results give buyers the ability to quickly understand:

  • The quality of the neighbourhood, the size of blocks, etc
  • Local amenities, such as schools, highways, distance to shops, etc
  • The condition of the roof (especially important for highset homes) and
  • The size of the block, including the number and layout of all features.

Now that a full licence is no longer required for drone operation for drones under the sub-2kg rule, you will have more choices. However, you’ll want to make sure your drone photographer has had training/flight time, has CASA or RPA accreditation, drone registration, and holds drone-specific public liability insurance

Getting great results

In addition, the lighting, composition and angle is very important to results in photography, perhaps more than you would think. Take the example below. To get this bright and even light, photographers use a fill flash or reflectors.

good photography example living room
Photo by Vecislavas Popa, Pexels.

If you were to take the photograph, it would be dimmer and you may not fit as much in.

Another point for ordering professional photography through us is the fact that your Current real estate agent works with the photographer to prepare the scene. Everything not right in the scene will jump out at viewers, especially any clutter. So our agents take the time to clear away personal effects for photographing and also advise on open home presentation. 


Investing in photography to sell your home

Local photographers enjoy the variety of their job. Glen Harvey loves that his customers run the gamut, from an older home in Caboolture on a standard block, to a farm with acreage, to a $1.5 million-dollar home on the canals in Bribie Island.

So what does he think about photography as an investment?

“From a seller’s point of view, you can’t really do without it, as buyers are scrolling through the thousands of properties (many with stunning photos) and you need to stand out among those”.

camera kit
Image by Lucio Alfonsi from Pixabay

He also notes that this relatively small investment in visual marketing may pay off, particularly for those canal homes where you can get a drone shot to take it all in. He shoots with a Nikon 7200 and a range of lenses for zoom or wide angle. There is a swag of high-tech in any serious real estate photographers’ kit, as the sample above shows.

Virtual walk-throughs, which are moving images showing the internals, are another option. These videos are helpful for a high level campaign, as are drones. 

Some photographers (such as Bullseye) try for a natural view and will only edit to make it brighter or for clarity. We only use ethical photographers, because it is actually illegal to misrepresent the property with fake grass and so on.

If you want to get a better result for the sale of your home, call Mary-Jane or James Brown for the details of our trusted photographers and benefits of professional photography or home staging. It pays dividends!